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Our Story

Naari is a registered, Not-for-Profit organization endeavoring to provide safe, economical, and hygienic alternatives to Manage Menstruation in an Eco – friendly & Sustainable manner.

Menstruation is a vast taboo in our country where women are often shy to talk about it openly and freely among their families or peers. Owing to deep-rooted menstrual traditions and practices in society, women often face discrimination on various occasions in family, society, and at the workplace. An immense lack of information is observed in society and primarily among women, hence we educate them about facts on the menstrual cycle, enable them to feel comfortable about their bodies, work on getting away with menstrual myths and encourage them to accept menstruation gracefully. It’s vital that women are educated to understand menstruation as a natural process and bring an end to the shame attached to it.

What We Do

We are the pioneers in initiating dialogue around Menstruation, encouraging Reusable and Eco friendly alternatives like Reusable Cloth Pads and Menstrual cups to manage Periods in urban and rural communities of Hyderabad. We work with girls and women in schools, colleges, corporates, anganwadis, self-help groups to enable them to be Period Ready and embrace Menstruation with Dignity.

Our Vision – To eradicate Period Poverty and building Period Positive Communities

Our Mission –  We want to provide every woman the dignity of managing menstruation in most comfortable means in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD):

Good Health & Well Being (SDG 3)

By providing access to Sustainable Menstrual care products and awareness on Menstrual Hygiene which promotes good health and wellbeing for women

Gender Equality (SDG 5)

By promoting reproductive Health and providing livelihood opportunities to rural women and thereby encouraging economic participation.

Clean water and Sanitation (SDG 6)

Reducing the Sanitary waste generation by promoting Reusables and awareness on cloth pad and Menstrual hygiene

Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11)

By reducing the one-time use of plastic and promoting Reusables. Building resilient community


Naari is committed to be associated with activities that promote period positivity in the society. We aim to achieve this through Awareness Programmes, Activities/ Workshop and Events in Public platforms.

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Our Approach

All our activities are for women and girls at the grassroots and we work based on the following 3 pillar approach – 

  1. AwarenessWe provide information about managing menstruation and hygienic practices in the following ways:
    1. Emotional strengthening to end shame associated with Menstruation
    2. Logical reasoning on 
      1. Impact of conventional disposables on health and environment
      2. Sustainable and eco-friendly means of managing menstruation
  1. Training & Capacity BuildingWe provide training programs on –
    1. Sewing high-quality cloth pads
    2. Training programs on using digitized sewing machines
    3. Training program on entrepreneurial, teamwork, and collaboration concepts
  2. Economic Empowerment
    1. We work with women at the grassroots to set up Cloth Pad units. 
    2. Creating network channels with government and corporates 
    3. Identifying business opportunities in the space of Menstrual Care

Recognition and Visibility

    1. Our Director was felicitated by BJP City Minority Morcha, Hyderabad for Women’s Day Celebration in March 2018
    2. Recently was featured in Deccan Chronicle Newspaper in Hyderabad for the cover story titled: Women in the Lead
    3. Featured in WOW Hyderabad magazine in the Cause section in their March 2018 issue
    4. Invited as a Panel Speaker to share insights about Menstrual Hygiene and associated impacts at the Raahat Sanitation Conference conducted in Delhi powered by ENACTUS
    5. Selected by COWE for their initiative 100 Women Faces by Women-novator
    6. Invited as Panel Member to share views about Social Entrepreneurship at Grassroot Level– The event was MOU Signing Event between Sehgal Foundation and FTAPCCI (Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
    7. Invited as a resource person (speaker) for an International Workshop conducted by Professor Ajailiu in University of Hyderabad. This was an inclusive platform and saw men equally participating in the discussions. I spoke about Sustainable Menstruation and shared my knowledge about Menstrual Cups and Cloth Pads
    8. Invited for a Health Talk Show on ETV – Life is Beautiful and shared Naari’s ideologies about Menstrual myths and taboos. Also, spoke about sustainable menstruation:
    9. Was featured for a show on V6 channel sharing information about Naari’s work accomplishments:

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